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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Choosing the correct seating is essential, whether it is for your home, a care home or hospital. Chairs can be some of the most well-used furniture, so it is important to find seating that is both functional and aesthetic. This is why recliner chairs are an excellent seating option for the elderly or those with limited mobility. The increased maneuverability of the chair makes it easier for the user to sit down or get up, as well as provide extra support and comfort whilst sitting.  Recliners can either be manual or electric, and both of these options come with different features to suit the user’s needs. In this article, we will explore the differences between manual and electric recliner chairs to help you decide which is the

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Posted on 31 Oct

Mental Health in Care Home Facilities

Mental Health in Care Home Facilities Care homes managers have a pivotal role in maintaining and improving the well-being of residents that includes their mental health. The progress made in society ...Read More?

Posted on 02 Oct

Days Out for the Elderly

Planning day trips and outings is a wonderful way to enhance the quality of life for seniors, especially if they’re a care home resident. Being able to experience different surroundings beyond t ...Read More?