Fabric and Finishes

Renray works with all the market leading healthcare suppliers of upholstery and soft furnishing materials in the UK to ensure you receive only the  finest choice of specialist flame retardant performance fabrics. These fabrics, vinyl and faux leathers are available to meet your specific requirements and designed for use in demanding healthcare environments, where safety and cleanliness are high on the list of priorities.

All our fabrics are wipeable, durable and resistant to abrasion; many have waterproof, antifungal/antibacterial and stain repellent properties.


Collections that do not support anti-microbial growth are tested to AATCC147 which is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi including; Aspergillus Niger, E Coli, Altinata, Salmonella, Penicillum, Staphyloccus Aureus, Cladosporium Herbarism, Bacillus Ceereus/Mycoides/Subtilis, Proteus Volgaris, Enterococcus Faecalis, MRSA. 

All products will have manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions. If all care and maintenance instructions are followed 99% of stains can be removed.

Fabrics are typically subject to a 1 year warranty according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Wood Finishes

All our furniture comes in a fine array of wood finishes to suit any room or care environment. It is these final flourishes that really set us apart and make your residents feel at home.

Beech Cashmere Fireside Select Walnut Mussell
Odessa Golden Oak Oxide Vintage oak Satin Blackwood Pippy Oak

Contact Us

For more information on the huge rage of fabrics available or to order swatch cards please contact our Customer Service Team at 01606 593 456 or email sales@renrayhealthcare.com.

You can also arrange for one of our highly trained experts to visit you to assist in choosing suitable colours, patterns and textures to complement the range of seating and finishes.

Quotations and samples

For a competitive quotation please contact our Sales Office on 01606 593456. one of our nationally based Area Sales Managers will be happy to arrange a meeting at a location of your choice to discuss your needs. 

Visit our showrooms

To help you make your decision, visit our showrooms where you can view and try out our furniture. The showrooms are located at our office, just off junction 18 of the M6 in Winsford, Cheshire. To arrange a visit please contact our Sales Office on 01606 593456.

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