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Vision Colourful Ward Furniture & Bedside Chairs
Bringing the colour to healthcare

A modern collection of colourful bedside lockers, hospital bedside chairs, patient chairs, visitor chairs and overbed/chair tables allowing you to create a positive and fun healthcare environment and comfortable surroundings for your patients and visitors. 

Our hospital bedide chairs and ward furniture is vailable in six vibrant colours:

- Dusky Damson

- Refreshing Raspberry

- Ocean Blue

- Fresh Lime

- Sunshine Yellow

- Rose Pink
The Vision Colourful Ward Furniture range has its own bespoke brochure. You can request a hard copy by clicking here and filling in the form, or a downloadable copy can be accessed here.

Providing healthcare and hospital furniture solutions for a better environment

Renray Healthcare is an approved NHS supplier with over 50 years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying high-quality furniture including hospital bedside chairs, lockers, overbed tables and more to the NHS. Many products have been designed to meet the requirements of modern healthcare and hospital environments, incorporating design features to address infection control issues, reduce manual handling and pressure sore risks and enhance patient comfort and wellbeing.


The increasing need for hospital furniture to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life is imperative within the NHS. With rigorous research and development, we are constantly meeting this demand with our ranges of furniture.


Whether you are looking for a complete revamp of your hospital ward, with new hospital bedside chairs, or looking to add some colour to your waiting area, our experienced sales staff are always available to offer comprehensive advice on the most suitable furniture and upholstery fabrics to meet your needs.


For more information on our Vision Colourful NHS furniture and hospital bedside chairs range use the online enquiry form, call 01606 593 456 or emaiinfo@renrayhealthcare.com. Alternatively, take a look at our brochures

NHS Contract References:

Ward and Residential Furniture 2017/S 056-10455 

Mental Health Furniture 2016/S 041-066764 

NHS SBS Contract Reference SBS/16/SB/TPB/9050/09

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