Thursday, April 18, 2019

Electric Recliner Chairs vs Manual Recliner Chairs

Choosing the correct seating is essential, whether it is for your home, a care home or hospital. Chairs can be some of the most well-used furniture, so it is important to find seating that is both functional and aesthetic. This is why recliner chairs are an excellent seating option for the elderly or those with limited mobility. The increased maneuverability of the chair makes it easier for the user to sit down or get up, as well as provide extra support and comfort whilst sitting. 

Recliners can either be manual or electric, and both of these options come with different features to suit the user’s needs. In this article, we will explore the differences between manual and electric recliner chairs to help you decide which is the best seating option for you. 

Electric Recliner Chairs 

An electric recliner comes with electronic components that motorise the chairs in different positions. Recliner chairs come with one to three motors, depending on how much movement you require. An electronic recliner chair with three motors will be able to adjust the leg rest, the backrest and additionally tilt the recliner in space to make it even easier to get in and out. 

The option to add different motors means that electronic recliners generally have more movement than traditional manual recliners. Therefore, the electronic motor means that the recliner can be adjusted exactly to your requirements to help you reach your most comfortable and supported position. 

Electronic recliner chairs have extra features to manual recliner chairs, making them typically more expensive and, due to their electronic components, are more expensive to repair. However, electric recliner chairs generally have a longer lifespan than manual recliner chairs.

Manual Recliner Chairs

Traditional manual reclineruse a pull lever to manoeuvre the seating into its reclined position. Due to this simple lever mechanism, the movement that manual recliners can allow is less than electronic chairs, they generally have one recliner position and one seated position. While electronic recliners can have up to three motors, a manual recliner will usually just adjust the footrest and backrest. 

Because there are fewer parts involved in manual recliners, they are generally cheaper to purchase and cheaper to repair than electronic recliners. Fewer parts also mean they are lighter, so it is easier to move your recliner to wherever it needs to go. Manual recliner chairs are easier to maintain than electronic recliners but wear and tear can shorten their lifespan, which is typically less than electronic recliner chairs.


Which Recliner Is Right For Me?

Electronic recliners suit those with the most limited mobility, this is because they will not need to pull on a lever and can simply push a button to recline the chair. Due to the more advanced mechanisms, there is also a greater range of positions to support the user. However, if you simply need a recliner that can adjust the leg rest and backrest then a manual recliner will suit your needs.

Electronic recliner chairs are a good long term investment due to their extended lifespan, but it is worth noting that because of the extra mechanisms they come with, they are heavier than manual recliners and will also need to be near a power source to work. Therefore, they would not suit users that need to move their recliner around.   

At Renray Healthcare we supply and manufacture many recliner chairs in both manual and electric configurations, so whichever style you choose there will be a quality recliner chair to suit your needs. Please view our range of manual and electric recliner chairs, alternatively please call us 01606 593 456 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you might have.

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