With a growing number of specialised dementia care facilities being opened throughout the UK, Renray has developed a completely new furniture range for people with dementia. A culmination of great design, technical excellence and quality production, this refreshingly different collection incorporates a number of unique features designed to make life a little easier with these functionally obvious dementia furniture products.

Dementia Friendly Furniture Solutions

At Renray we have developed a range of furniture designed to assist those with cognitive and/or visual impairments created by dementia. After detailed discussions with dementia care clinicians, academics and those who care for dementia sufferers, our range has been produced with important built in features and benefits. 

These include :-
• curved not sharp edges and corners for safety, so our products are vinyl wrapped
• easy wipe clean surfaces for infection control
• where relevant for safety, electrical and motor cut outs
• wood grain that is plain and simple, not heavily patterned, so it doesn’t cause confusion or concern (which can happen to some, but not all dementia sufferers)
• contrasting coloured, so clearly visible, large easy to use handles which are functionally obvious
• viewing panels so items within them can be seen, to help with cognitive and visual impairment
• strength and durability for all furniture items
• stable and comfortable seating enabling residents to use for prolonged periods
• incontinence proof fabrics
• subtle not dramatic patterns on fabrics (as strong patterns can cause concern to some, but not all, dementia sufferers)
• choices of colours for fabrics, linked to above and also to the chosen colour schemes of the customers and to help residents with a familiar and homely environment
• items that can hold memory or “cue” information to stimulate the residents

Renray also offers a complete project management service for all your dementia furniture requirements including interior design advice, product specification, product design and full installation. We are the specialists in providing this complete Turnkey Package:- ranging from chairs, tables, a full range of bedroom furniture including beds and mattresses, to carpets, curtains (we can also offer a measuring service) and many ancillary items all backed up by highly professional services.

Our experienced sales staff are always available to offer comprehensive advice on the most suitable furniture and upholstery fabrics to meet your needs.

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