Infection Control

Renray recognises its responsibility for minimising the risks of infection by designing our furniture to facilitate easy cleaning.

Furniture is designed to have

  • Minimal dirt traps
  • Removable seat cushions
  • Top stitch
  • Quality castors
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Smooth laminate finish on A, 100 and 600 range lockers
  • Vinyl seat bases to patient seating
  • Plastic moulded drawer boxes on the Enterprise range
  • Parts can easily be replaced without having to purchase a whole new product

Removable Seat Cushions Plastic moulded drawers Sacral gap

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Anti bacterial lacquer for hygiene protection

All wooden frames are supplied with the Anti bacterial coating. This coating incorporates an active agent which prevents bacteria surviving in contact with the coated surface.

High performance fabrics

Amongst our extensive range of fabrics we also offer a number of anti-microbial options that are effective against MRSA as well as E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella and other similar bacteria.

Cleaning and Decontamination Instructions

To ensure the longevity of our products Renray recommend you clean and care for your upholstery on a regular basis to maintain its condition and appearance. Click here for our cleaning and decontamination instructions.

Quotations and samples

For a competitive quotation please contact our Sales Office on 01606 593456. one of our nationally based Area Sales Managers will be happy to arrange a meeting at a location of your choice to discuss your needs. 

Visit our showrooms

To help you make your decision, visit our showrooms where you can view and try out our furniture. The showrooms are located at our office, just off junction 18 of the M6 in Winsford, Cheshire. To arrange a visit please contact our Sales Office on 01606 593456.

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