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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  There are a number of considerations when it comes to choosing waiting room furniture for visitors and patients in hospitals. Below, we discuss the main points to consider to help you choose the right chairs for your waiting room.    Comfort is a Priority Waiting room furniture must be comfortable as waiting in hospitals can often take a long time, therefore measures can be taken to improve the comfort of hospital seating such as: -        Curved back seating, which ensure maximum comfort for the user when seated for long periods of time. An example from Renray are our stackable Venetian chairs. -        Chairs with pressure reducing seat cushions

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Friday, January 18, 2019
Foam mattresses are the most commonly used style of mattresses you might find in care homes. They are useful as they can adapt to a range of environments and pressure area care properties. But what ex ...Read More?
Thursday, January 10, 2019
Renray supply x4 reclining chairs to Ward 4, Wishaw General Hospital after determined son raises £3,300 competing in the 2018 London Marathon in memory of his mother. Chris Sloan first contacte ...Read More?

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Posted on 22 Jul

5 Top Tips for Dementia Care Designs

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Posted on 30 Jun

The Importance of Well-Designed Corridors in Care Homes

At night, with the lights off we would all have a good crack at navigating our homes. We would know roughly where light switches were and where the creaky floorboards are. Entering a new care home ca ...Read More?