Aurora Pressure Reducing Seating System

SKU: AUR046046D

Product description

Designed to bring maximum flexibility of pressure area care to residents in the care home environment and is specifically sized to fit most arm chairs.

Aurora Pressure Reducing Seating System provides high levels of care and comfort.

Pressure Area Care
The unique cell construction of the Aurora seating system provides improved support and greater seated stability for the user. The “1 in 2” alternating cell cycle provides a clinically proven and effective therapy for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
The ultra‐low profile and unique cell design of the Aurora seat cushion provide enhanced comfort and improved postural stability over systems with fewer, larger, cells.
Infection Control
The Aurora seat cushion has a fully removable top cover for easy inspection. The inner surface is a powder white colour so any leakage or strikethrough is clearly visible making auditing simple and improves infection control. Manufactured from soft, two‐way stretch, PU material top cover that protects the cells and tube set, the Aurora cushion is simple and easy to clean.

Key features

• The seat cushion pad can be used in conjunction with the Dormir MRS system pump.

• The “1 in 2” alternating cell cycle provides a clinically proven and effective therapy for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

• 10 minute cycle time

• Non-slip base and securing strap

• Audible and visual alarm

Product Codes

Complete system AUR046046

Cushion only AUR301

Pump only PUMP8525

Available on Express Delivery.



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