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Keeping Care Residents Cool in Hot Weather

When the weather is hot, it can be especially dangerous for elderly people and those in care homes. This is because older adults are more likely to become dehydrated and experience heat-related illnesses. The UK is experiencing more heat waves and hotter summers than ever before, making these issues more of a concern. In this blog, we discuss the measures you can put in place to ensure you’re keeping your care residents cool in hot weather.

Why is hot weather an issue for care residents?

According to the NHS, there are a few reasons why hot weather can be an issue for care residents:

·         Older adults have a harder time regulating their body temperature. This is because their bodies produce less sweat, which helps to cool them down.

·         Older adults are more likely to have health conditions that can be exacerbated by heat, such as heart disease or respiratory problems.

·         Many care homes are not well-equipped to handle hot weather. They may not have the correct protection such as cool areas, fans or they may not have enough shade for residents to sit outside.

Hot Weather Safety Tips

Here are some tips for care home managers to consider when keeping care residents cool in hot weather:

Protecting skin health

For the most part, enjoying the sunny weather and some time outdoors can still have a significantly Positive Impact on Care Residents. So, one of the first ways you can protect elderly residents is to provide necessary skin protection products. These include sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as a moisturiser for all different types of skin to protect all your most vulnerable residents.


Preventing heat exhaustion and heatstroke

There is a multitude of ways to protect care residents from the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, including many that link to reducing dehydration (see below). Check the weather reports to see if a heatwave is coming. Then you’ll have time to prepare and perform prechecks such as ensuring windows can open, cool rooms or areas are available, and indoor thermometers are available.

As a manager, you should also keep an eye on all residents to ensure that no one is developing signs of heat exhaustion, which you can read about here, and call the emergency services if someone has heatstroke.

Reducing Dehydration

One of the most common issues for all age groups during warm weather, but arguably one the easiest to treat, is dehydration. Care residents should aim to drink at least 6-8 glasses of liquid a day, potentially more if necessary, so ensure that access to these in your facility is as easy as possible. In addition, the Right Diet and Nutrition can also be vital in helping prevent dehydration in care homes.

Keeping care residents comfortable

Even if none of these heat-related conditions emerge, it’s still incredibly important that elderly people feel comfortable when the weather is warm. Thus, ensuring care residents are Comfortable when Sleeping during Summer, offering cold food and drink, and even encouraging people to wear lightweight clothing can all improve hot weather conditions.


Manage your environment
It’s very important to keep indoor spaces cool. Close curtains and blinds during the day to keep out the heat as well as use fans or air conditioning to cool the air. The arrangement of your furniture whether that’s in the bedroom or living spaces is very important. Be sure to allow whatever breeze there is to circulate plus be sure to consider body heat and not to sit residents too close to each other.

By following these tips, you can help to keep care residents cool and comfortable during hot weather. This will help to prevent heat-related illnesses and keep them safe and healthy. You can check out further Summer Articles on Seasonal Furniture for Care Homes Here. Alternatively, read more about Renray Healthcare’s Care Home Furniture Services Here. For more information about our care furniture and other products we stock at Renray Healthcare please call us on 01606 593 456 or email us at

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