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Care Home Lounge Furniture & Design

Care home lounge with blue and green chairs

When you’re considering the purchase of new
Care Home Lounge Furniture, a great deal of thought should go behind your decision. After all, lounge furniture is an important element for creating a homely, safe atmosphere for your care home’s elderly residents. This is because the living room of your facility is one of the main communal and activity areas, so the right furnishings can greatly improve Emotional Wellbeing

With this in mind, here’s our guide to everything from products to style options for your care home’s lounge area!

Key design features

Let’s start with the basics: what do your elderly residents what out of their lounge room? We mentioned a positive, friendly atmosphere above, but other features of a care home living space that your furniture and design options should aim to support are:

  • Comfort – Lounge furniture includes Sofas and Armchairs as well as a variety of Soft Furnishings, so seating and other décor are required to create a space that’s, above all else, comfortable.

  • Accessibility – Care Home facilities need to ensure that their communal spaces are accessible for all elderly residents, including those that are less mobile or those in wheelchairs.

  • Safety – This is essential for facilities providing more specific care such as Dementia Care, but all lounge spaces need to be designed to minimise barriers to daily life.

Layout options

Care home lounge furniture can be utilised in a variety of effective layout options to facilitate these aforementioned design features. Small clustered layouts can be created with your furniture in order to provide different areas for elderly residents which still maintain communal spaces for Care Home Activities. Clusters of furniture can also use a range of seating options, tablespaces and aesthetics, which can create a flexible layout and ensure every care resident feels at home in their facility’s lounge room.

Care home lounge with blue furniture

Care Home Lounge Furniture: The Essentials 

Whilst there is a wide variety of care home furniture products to choose from, some essential items for your facility may include:

And, with Renray Healthcare, we supply all of these care home lounge furniture items as well as many others! You can view Our Full Care Home Range Here, or check out Our Brochures to see for yourself why we believe we’re the best option for your facility.

We also have a similar guide to Care Home Bedroom Furniture Design Here!

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