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The Importance of Profiling Beds in Care Homes and Hospitals

What is a profiling bed?

A profiling bed is an excellent option for people who may need additional support when positioning in bed or spending extended periods of time in bed. Profiling beds are electric, height adjustable beds that are commonly used in care homes, domestic homes and hospitals. Profiling beds are generally used for patients with disabilities, those with poor mobility, and the elderly. The backrest and leg section can be adjusted to an upright position by the user, to a suitable position for them. Ideally they will, use the contour position which engages the leg and backrest movement at the same time to enable better positioning and reduce the risk of pressure (what is pressure area care?), shear and friction to the user. The lower foot section where the feet are located can be raised or lowered to enable better comfort and positioning.

What is the purpose of profiling beds?

Profiling beds have been designed to provide independence, comfort and profiling support for their users, increasing mobility whilst in bed and assisting transfers and egress from bed easily. This is especially important for those that have difficulty getting up and out of bed due to a medical condition or those spending a large amount of time in bed or who are bedridden. The backrest function helps postural support and improves respiratory function. Raising the legs can reduce fluid buildup and improve blood circulation, and lowering the foot section can reduce the risk of pressure sores on heels.  The bed also tilts, the most common tilt function is anti-Trendelenburg or ‘foot down tilt’ which offers gastrointestinal and circulatory benefits, increased lung function and pressure relief.  

A profiling bed is used together with a foam (what are the benefits of a foam mattress), non foam or Active mattress. A foam mattress will be on top of the bed to provide pressure relief for a resident and reduce the risk of skin damage or pressure ulcers. All mattresses should conform to the bed shape even when profiled. Non foam mattresses such as the Noodles mattress with an improved Micro-Climate which reduces Micro-Climate humidity and temperature, reducing moisture and potential skin damage, the Noodles mattress is a completely recyclable and washable solution. Active systems known as dynamic mattresses or air mattresses are used for residents who are at a higher risk of pressure damage, they are powered by pumps and use airflow to reduce pressure at the interface between patient and mattress platform.

Height adjustable Profiling beds have a variable height range; enabling the bed to be raised and lowered easily, which allows the user to get into bed more easily reducing their risk of falling out of bed and helps the carer with their duties.

Things to consider when choosing a profiling bed

The different types of Profiling Beds

Profiling beds are usually categorised as follows:

Low profiling beds

This can be positioned very near to the floor to reduce the risk of injury from falls.

Standard – profiling beds

The most common type of profiling bed that is a similar height to regular standard beds.

Wide –profiling beds

Effectively a small double-sized bed, more spacious than the standard width for users that need additional space in bed.

Stand Assist –profiling beds

Allows for the user to reach a standing height without the help of a carer.

For further tips on choosing the right profiling bed click here...

Other accessories and extra necessary parts

In addition to the profiling bed, you may require extra features for the benefit of the user. These include accessories like side rails, handsets, and support poles among other things. Moreover, the aesthetic is also an element to consider. Deciding on the right fabric or finish for your profiling bed, in order to avoid a ‘clinical’ look to users, is absolutely crucial for certain care homes.

The Supplier

Profiling beds can be a big investment for any care home or hospital. Here at Renray we only supply affordable profiling beds of the highest quality, ensuring your home is compliant with current bed standards, and gaps and clearances stipulated within those standards. 

For more information on our profiling beds visit our brochure downloads page. Alternatively, you can, call us 01606 593 456 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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