Monday, February 10, 2020

The Benefits of Bedside Lockers

Bedside lockers are typically overlooked in hospitals, care homes, and other medical facilities. But they offer an excellent storage solution for many important patient items, and so require a high-quality, ergonomic design. Renray Healthcare understands this and subsequently supplies a popular range of bedside lockers that meet a variety of patient needs. Here’s a little bit more on the benefits you’ll see from choosing a product from Renray.


Our wide-array of bedside lockers all share this useful characteristic. It might sound broad, yet when medical furniture is genuinely practical you see significant advantages. All patient lockers are fitted with wheels, making them extremely manoeuvrable and easy to rearrange in a patient or resident’s bedroom. In addition, they’re extremely lightweight, allowing them to be effortless accessible for both staff and patients which, given the stress that frequently arises in medical facilities, is an essential benefit.

Durable Storage

From a private care home to a major hospital, they’re the workhorse of any medical facility. Thus, bedside lockers have to be well-built and reliable, and these are two staples of any Renray product. We offer high-quality craftsmanship that allows you to reap the perks of a tough storage locker. Essentially, our lockers can endure a high patient turnover spanning a lengthy lifecycle of constant use. 

Bedside Lockers that are designed for Patients

Whatever the size or style you’re looking for, Renray’s range of bedside lockers emphasises the needs of the patient. We provide a wide range of beside storage options that are fitted with a variety of locking options to ensure user security.  Alongside that, the simple layouts and slick designs aim to provide organised storage options as well as easy access to valuables, such as medication. Additional extras such as bottle holders can also be fitted to heighten comfort and convenience for patients during their stay. Lastly, many of our models contain one-piece draws which enable them to be incredibly easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the lockers remain as hygienic as ever.

If you’d like to find out more about what bedside lockers we offer, you can check out our product range here. Alternatively, Contact Us if you’d like any further assistance or advice.

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