Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Why Overbed Tables with Wheels can Makes Life Easier

Overbed tables are designed specially so the base can easily slot underneath a bed, providing the patient with a stable surface to eat, drink or read their newspaper. They’re often adjustable so that patients can alter the height depending on whether they are sat upright or lay down. Read on to find out why overbed tables with wheels can make your life easier.


Ultimate Manoeuvrability

The main benefit of overbed tables with wheels is they provide you with ultimate manoeuvrability and versatility. The wheels allow nurses and carers to easily slide the table under the patient’s bed or move it to an alternative room without any complications. This helps the staff utilise their time more effectively will help ensure your staff don’t lift heavy tables. Don’t worry, the overbed tables also come with brakes so you can lock them in place for your patient.

They’re also a great feature to have in the event of an emergency. If a patient’s alarm goes off and they require immediate attention, the last thing you want is an overbed table in the way that is difficult to move. If you have overbed tables with wheels, you can safely slide them from underneath the bed and remove them from the room so you can tend to the patient.


Easier to Clean

The wheels themselves won’t make the overbed tables easier to clean, you’ll need to look at furniture made from antimicrobial fabrics if you want to achieve that. However, the ability to easily move the tables around will assist. It’s not always easy to clean medical furniture if there is little space in the patient rooms. The increased manoeuvrability will allow your staff to bring the overbed table out of the patient’s room and place them in a more appropriate space to clean effectively.


Overbed Tables with Wheels from Renray Healthcare

Whatever set up you’re looking for, Renray Healthcare has the solution for you. All of our overbed tables are equipped with wheels and have optional features such as tilting functionality and adjustable table height.  Find out more information on our diverse product range, here or complete our online enquiry form.

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