Thursday, May 4, 2023

Care Homes Moving Towards Luxury

Case study image of a high end lounge setting

Moving away from the old-fashioned view of care homes…

In recent years, the perception of care homes has shifted away from its traditional image of drab and old-fashioned establishments, towards a sector that offers luxury. However, this can often cost a large amount of money, and takes time and effort to design and fitout New Build properties.

The needs of residents have always been prioritised by the care home industry and will continue to do so, but there is an increasing call to abandon the old-fashioned perception of care homes, as held by many, and to completely transform how the fast-expanding care industry is perceived. The expectation of residents, and their families alike, is to be offered accommodation that feels safe and comfortable but also provides those extra luxury touches that makes it feel like you’re staying in a high-end hotel, rather than a care home.

But not every care home operator has the budget to spend lots of money on whirlpool baths, hair and nail salons, and other luxury items, in order to meet this demand and serve the market.

Case Study Image of curtains, sofa, scatter cushions, artwork and accessories to help you create a luxury feel to your care homes

Five top tips to help you bring a touch of luxury to your care homes on a budget.

Having worked in the care home sector for over 50 years, we have learnt some money saving ideas that are kinder on your purse strings, but still enable you to exude luxury in your care home.

Some of these tips, include:

1. Artwork

Wall art with complementary colours to the room's colour scheme adds a finishing touch to the space and stimulates occupants. Having people produce their own artwork is a terrific approach to get them involved in the design of their quarters.

2. Welcome Packs

Purchasing a welcome package for newcomers conveys indulgence without involving a big financial outlay. Use of standard room furnishings like coordinating towels, soaps, and aromatic closet sachets, simply bundled together with a ribbon, can create a hotel-like atmosphere.

3. Soft Furnishings

Updating drapes or cushions can instantly improve a space without incurring the cost of a complete remodel. Modern furniture and upholstery can also help the area appear more upscale. View our curtain builder here.

4. Keep it clean

Regular cleaning and upkeep of soft furniture and upholstery will keep them looking inviting and new, creating a polished and cheery appearance while also keeping the area tidy and secure for residents. View our fabric supplier's, Panaz, guide to cleaning upholstery here.

5. Biophilic Design

Bring the outdoors inside with artificial plants, flowers and vases. They create a natural and open vibe for your care home.

In conclusion, creating a luxury feel to your care homes doesn't need to be an expensive affair. By following the tips above, you can enhance your environments and add a touch of sophistication, whilst still providing high quality care.  

For more useful advice and tips to help you design and furnish your care homes, contact us here.

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