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Key Nursing Home Furniture for the elderly

For any care or nursing home facility, the varying needs of their elderly residents must be effectively met. As both provide 24-hour care, these facilities often have to spend more on maintaining their patients’ healthcare and quality of life standards. One key element of this is ensuring facilities have the best Care Home Furniture available, but knowing what this entails can sometimes be difficult. So, what is the essential nursing home furniture?

Important Concepts & Styles to Consider

Firstly, before selecting any specific items of furniture, it’s important to understand how the look and feel of a care facility will benefit your elderly residents. This means recognising what your furniture aims to achieve, both in terms of physical comfort and the well-being that different products and styles provide. Therefore, care and nursing homes need to consider the following concepts:

  • Homeliness: The environment of such a facility needs to feel welcoming, meaning furniture needs to reflect the fact that this will be a comfortable and friendly home for your elderly residents.

  • Spatial Awareness: When selecting furniture, you must consider the needs of everyone who will use it. Thus, items need to accommodate factors, such as space for wheelchairs or those residents with limited mobility. 

  • Safety: This should always be a central focus when it comes to care and nursing home design. Furniture design has to aim to reduce risks, such as non-slip surfaces or rounded edges.

  • Value: Almost every facility operates on a budget, so furniture needs to able to achieve the above over a long period, whilst being easy to maintain and clean.

Key Care & Nursing Home Furniture


Choosing the right Care Home Bed is a good place to start when it comes to considering what furniture to purchase. Renray’s range of profiling beds accommodates different mobility and comfort needs. Of equal importance is your choice of Care Home Mattress for your elderly residents, as this is vital in helping reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. There are many options available including cloth, air and foam mattresses, with bariatric and waterproof features.


Whether it’s for bedrooms, the dining room, or a living area, seating needs to be practical and provide the necessary support for elderly nursing home patients. To achieve this, care facilities should offer a wide variety of seating options. This is why Renray provides all types of seating including Sofas & Armchairs, Dining Chairs, Tub Style, Recliners, and Patient Seating Options.

Tables & Entertainment Spaces

Care Home Tables are important for providing work and entertainment spaces for residents. These spaces need to be widely accessible to sufficiently support elderly patients (which is why we also provide Overbed Tables). Meanwhile, entertainment furniture can include items found in light exercise spaces as well as reading and TV rooms.

Renray Healthcare has been supplying high-quality care home furniture for over 50 years now, and you can read about Our Work in the Sector Here.

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