Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How To Get Hospital Beds For Home

You may be considering getting a hospital bed for your home if you or a loved one requires additional support, or you’re preparing for discharge from a medical facility. Hospital beds offer essential comfort to those who require treatment such as pressure damage management, wound care, elderly care, and other medical needs. They’re so important not only because they make the life of the patient easier, but also because they make up a key aspect of healthcare treatment from home. 

What are the main Hospital Bed types?

A hospital bed is defined as simply being any bed that’s designed specifically for hospitalised or primarily bedbound patients.  Options of hospital beds  include: 

  • Profiling Beds – these feature variable height, position, and seating options to allow greater independent movement and transfers

  • Low Height Profiling Beds – for those with extensive mobility issues; these beds reduce the risk of injury from falls as they can be lowered to inches from the ground.

  • Bariatric beds – These beds are perfect for heavier patients due to their robustness, extra space, and stronger motors

  • Jet Beds – designed for the Jet pressure reducing mattresses, this bed offers better protection and safety solutions for Mental Health Environments.

  • Foam Beds – this bed type offers support and pressure relief for patients.

  • Other hospital bed designs that Renray supply such as Divan Beds and Fixed Height Beds.

How to get one for your home

Renray Healthcare supplies all of the above product types within our NHS Hospital Bed Range. This offers a variety of suitable products to help support whatever care is necessary for you or your loved one, whilst providing comfort and easy assembly for your home. 

In addition, you can apply for funding support and a free home assessment for NHS furniture from your local council. There are also grants available from Independence at Home for disabled people and those with long-term illnesses. More information can be found on the NHS Website.

For over 50 years, Renray has been supplying high-quality furniture to the NHS Healthcare Sector to help facilities, including hospitals and care homes, meet new challenges. So, feel free to Contact Us for support in getting a hospital bed for your home, or find out more in one of Our Brochures.

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