Monday, May 22, 2023

Dementia Friendly Carpets

We work with leading contract carpet suppliers to provide the correct flooring for care homes. We ensure that we only work with those who follow our precise requirements in terms of offering dementia friendly flooring for our client fit outs and refurbishments.

These are the five main things we look our for when choosing dementia friendly flooring:


We go into detail as to Light Reflectance Values are here. In a nutshell it is a percentage of light reflected off a surface. Having surfaces and colours with contrasting LRVS help residents in wayfinding and distinguishing one thing from another.

 We suggest a LRV contrast of 30 points to have a real benefit to the user. Having this contrast flooring can be used to create suitable paths, highlight obstacles and help define space. These all help in making resident’s surroundings more homely and safe.

We also recommend not using confusing or gloss flooring. This can be perceived as being wet and therefore a potential hazard.


When it comes to flooring in the healthcare industry, indoor air quality should also be considered, particularly if you have people who have breathing problems.

Numerous studies comparing the use of carpet and hard floor surfaces and their impact on indoor air quality have been conducted during the past ten years. Particularly for allergy patients, fine dust can pose a serious health risk because the particles can irritate the respiratory system when breathed in.

According to many studies, unlike hard surfaces where dust particles frequently get airborne, carpet traps dust particles. If carpets are routinely vacuumed, these contaminants and allergens that are entrapped inside the carpet can be removed.


The carpet in busy communal areas helps to absorb unnecessary sound and dampens echoes. This is important for people who have hearing problems and dementia as it makes it easier to filter out noises. Therefore, helping to reduce stress and confusion.

Fall Protection

Contract carpets particularly ranges created for healthcare can also help mitigate injuries from trips and falls. They will also maintain their thickness over time as they are produced for busier environments.


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