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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
The Medical Bed Standard 60601-2-52 is in place for the protection of users, as a design framework for manufacturers and increasingly as a guide to external bodies such as the Care Quality Commission. The challenge for care homes owners is making sure the combination of electric profiling bed, foam or dynamic mattress and side rails is correct against the standard. Which can be a challenge, as beds and side rails are often purchased separately to mattresses.Renray Healthcare manufacture beds, mattresses and side rails, and our knowledge of side rail heights, entrapment issues, mattress / bed combinations, and the need for extra height side rails and their compliance is second to none. Choose a bed that is independently tested to

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Following on from our previous blog posts on “choosing the correct seating for the elderly” and a guide to choosing the right recliner chair - “electric recliner chairs vs manual r ...Read More?
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
For many of us, these are unprecedented times, and the Coronavirus pandemic has made us more aware of the dangers of spreading germs than ever before.  Germs and bacteria can remain on surface ...Read More?

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Posted on 30 Jun

The Importance of Well-Designed Corridors in Care Homes

At night, with the lights off we would all have a good crack at navigating our homes. We would know roughly where light switches were and where the creaky floorboards are. Entering a new care home ca ...Read More?

Posted on 30 Jun

Improving Quality of life in Care Homes

Improving Quality of life in Care Homes Care home managers and healthcare professionals are always looking for ways to enhance the quality of life for care home residents. We get asked this a lot wh ...Read More?