Turnkey Project with Greensleeves

Nestled in the woods of Berkshire and boasting grand vistas of the countryside, Buckler’s Lodge really is a building to behold. It is a blueprint for the contemporary luxury Care Home. It’s state of the art features offers the very best in respite, nursing, personal and dementia care.

Greensleeves had been planning this new build for several years before a certain global pandemic threatened to scupper the whole plan.

But partnering with Renray Healthcare as its’ full interior solutions provider the project made it over the line and has recently welcomed its first residents to this 80-bed care home.

“Residents will have access to luxury facilities including comfortable lounges, a bistro, private dining room, library, cinema, and spacious en-suite bedrooms with balconies opening onto the wonderful views.” Greensleeves Care Team

We supplied around 6,000 items as part of a full turnkey package for the entire home including beds, furniture, cinema room and hair salon items.

All 80 rooms were completed with our market leading range of electric profiling beds to suit all resident’s needs.

Greensleeves worked with our design team and project manager Kate to create a traditional yet contemporary twist to the home. Our large range of products is perfectly suited to realise this dream.

“Every brief starts with a blank piece of paper - and because of Renray's diverse ranges, I know I had real creative flexibility when it came to furnishing Buckler's Lodge.

There is no set Renray 'look'. I was always confident in the standards of the build across every single item. Their slogan is "designed with you in mind" this really is totally accurate”

Buckler’s Lodge needed the style of a high-end hotel style while also feeling comfortable and homely for residents.

Renray tailored its products to best suit the needs of Greensleeves and their residents. We also provided advice on interior design, pressure area care, bedroom furniture, soft furnishings, beds and flooring.

We were exceptionally excited to be part of this project with all its endless charm from art deco cinema to grand piano.

Our role was to cater for the provision, design and delivery of all rooms from bedrooms to a cinema room.

“It really was a reassurance to know that all bedrooms, communal areas and even the dining room were fitted with Renray furniture.

You could see and feel the quality. I know they have been around for over 50 years and they are going to be around for a lot more. The residents will be so at ease knowing they are at home rather than 'in a home'.”

Communal spaces were thoughtfully designed to allow for private space as well as open areas. A small library with room dividers and booths means residents can sit in solace to read a book.

Because we have the capability to react to any bespoke requests, we could move from the functionality of one room to another with the utmost ease.

Using our in-house team of experts to provide for the full project and installation management.

Working with our fabric partners we came up with fresh and stylish looks from the very beginning whilst also observing the requirements of Greensleeves.

Through flexible and open design planning residents can navigate a plethora of locations in the home without feeling closed off or claustrophobic. These areas include social café style dining areas, hair salons, libraries, cinemas, and safe outdoor areas.


We design with you in mind so it is our goal to ensure residents feel relaxed and welcome whilst upholding our high standards of quality in our products.

From ceiling, walls, floor and everything in between were all carefully planned to best support the resident. From lighting to specific colours in specific rooms to help wellbeing, everything was thought about in minute detail. 


Challenges we faced included road access problems and the threat of supply chain issues. Because we boast our own inhouse delivery fleet and ability to store essential product components in our 100,000 sq ft warehouse we were able to navigate these problems with relative ease.

The covid pandemic proved to be a particular set back. However, we were designated an essential company which allowed us to continue delivering albeit at a slower rate. All vans and trucks and products were disinfected and social distancing was upheld so as not to risk infection.

“The experience of working with Kate and the Renray team was excellent from start to finish. We were kept informed at every stage of the process, which was especially important as this refurbishment took place over the Covid pandemic.

The fit out went very well, the furniture and beds are excellent quality and we are thrilled with the whole interior design solutions they offered.”

The need for Buckler’s Lodge to be carefully designed with flexibility in space through creative furniture solutions mean residents can live independently and safely. Creating a wow factor whilst still maintaining age appropriateness and dementia friendliness. Those who seek extra safety due to mobility challenges, vulnerability or physical limitations should feel right at home at Buckler’s Lodge.

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