Dormir Active Mattress Replacement System

SKU: DOR090200

Product description

Dormir Active Mattress Replacement System suitable for use with the Elite profiling bed range. 

The Dormir is an active mattress replacement system, providing high levels of care and comfort.

Key features

• Low profile 12.5cm, no need to use side rail height extensions

• 29 stacked cell construction for best possible pressure area care

• Whisper quiet pump ensures tranquil bedrooms

No side rails height extensions required

The latest Medical bed standard revised many aspects of how medical beds are designed. One important aspect highlighted in the standard is that Side Rails should provide a minimum 22cm of protection above the mattress. Most beds are designed to take a 125mm or 150mm deep foam mattress. Most active mattresses are much deeper and reduce the protection offered by the side rails.

At only 125mm the Squirrel Dormir is an ultra-low profile active system that ensures compliance with IEC 60601-2-52 without the need for side rail height extensions. Side rails should provide a minimum 22cm of protection above the mattress.

The best possible pressure area care

Conventional alternating mattresses are approx. 25cm deep. The compact cells and integrated memory foam base layer of the
Dormir mattress provides improved support, with reduced shear and friction particularly when the mattress is profiled. The lower
profile reduces the “crunching” effect that deeper mattresses can exhibit when profiled and greater independent user mobility.

Whisper quiet pump
Noise generated by mattress pumps is intrusive and disturbing to users, affecting interaction with carers; reducing enjoyment from activities such as reading or watching television. More importantly this continuous background noise can result in disrupted sleep patterns and significant health issues. The Squirrel “Whisper Quiet” pump reduces noise significantly and is effectively silent in use.



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