Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What Is An Easy Chair?

Comfort is a key factor when purchasing furniture. Some chairs boast a high-end, luxury design and whilst they look the part, they often lack the comfort factor. Fortunately, there are types of chairs available that have been designed with a close focus on comfort.

An easy chair can be described as ‘a chair that allows you to relax comfortably’, and will often recline. Easy chairs are quite often found in care homes, where patients spend long periods sat down. If a patient is sat for long periods then it is recommended to take the weight off the seated area, which is why they are usually reclined. The opposite of easy chairs is ‘task chairs’ which are designed for people who sit at a desk or a table, for example, a dining chair.

Types Of Easy Chairs

Easy chairs are available in modern, luxurious and classic designs, depending on your specification and application. If you are looking for a modern chair to fit the décor of your care home then the club chairs and tub chairs are a perfect solution. 

Club Chairs

Club chairs have come on leaps and bounds since they first arrived on the market. Developments and changes have been implemented to suit different styles and trend changes throughout the years.

Tub Chair

Tub chairs are a modified version of the club chair. Named after the strong resemblance to an open tub, these chairs surround you with large cushions, offering superior support to your back and spine. Tub chairs can be particularly effective for patients with back injuries and can be made from materials including cloth and leather.

Wingback Chairs

Wingback chairs are also known as ‘fireside chairs’ as they were initially designed to offer protection from cold drafts and trap heat from fireplaces. These chairs come with a high back and armrest with curved padding on the sides, resembling wings. If you are looking for an elegant, luxurious styled chair then this is the perfect product for you.

Recliner Chairs

Arguably one of the most comfortable easy chairs available, recliner chairs provide additional movement for alternative sitting positions. These chairs can be both manually operated or electrically controlled with the most common models including a lever you pull to lift the legs.

Renray Healthcare Easy Chair Solution

Whether you are looking to upgrade your care home seating or you are working on a new care home build, easy chairs are the perfect solution to your patients and also visitors. Contact Renray Healthcare today for more information on our range of easy chairs.

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