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Profiling beds are electric, adjustable beds that are commonly used in care homes, domestic homes and hospitals. Profiling beds are generally used for patients with disabilities, those with poor mobility and the elderly. The backrest can be raised to position the user into an upright position and raise the foot section to position the users legs in a choice of positions.


Commonly a foam mattress will be used on top of the bed as they are the most flexible, this allows for sections of the bed to be positioned differently to suit the user. Profiling beds have variable height ranges, this option to move the bed up and down allows the user to get into bed more easily, reduces their risk of falling out of bed and helps the carer with their duties.


Profiling beds are available in varying types:

-        Low profiling beds – can be lowered very near to the floor to reduce the risk of injury from falls.

-        Standard profiling beds – the most common profiling bed that is a similar height to standard beds.

-        Wide profiling beds – these beds are wider for users that need additional room or a higher safe working load.

-        Stand assist profiling beds – allow for the user to reach a standing height without help from a carer.


What Are The Benefits Of Profiling Beds?

Profiling beds have been designed to provide comfort and support to the user, especially for those that spend a large amount of time in bed or are bedridden. The backrest function helps postural support and improves respiratory function, raising the legs can reduce fluid and promote good circulation, while a knee break function can reduce the risk of pressure sores on heels.

  electric profiling bed

Why Purchase Your Profiling Beds From Renray?

Profiling beds can be a big investment for any care home or hospital which is why at Renray we only supply profiling beds that are of the highest quality. We ensure your home is compliant with current bed standards and the gaps and clearances stipulated within those standards.

For more information on our profiling beds visit our brochure downloads page, call us 01606 593 456 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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