Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Well-Being of Residents in their Bedroom and Beyond

Using good furniture to promote wellness

Resident wellbeing is linked to their overall physical, mental, social, and emotional state and it is of paramount importance to care homes. Wellbeing must be maintained by effective and tailored care plans, created to match the individual’s needs-both physical and emotional. Ensuring resident comfort, from their bedroom to dining and lounge areas, is crucial for providing quality care.

Depending on how social, mobile or well a person is, their bedroom may be the spot where they spend the most time. The bed and chair are the main places to offer postural support and comfort to for at least a third of their day, seven days a week. So providing furniture that offers comfort and good positioning is beneficial. Profiling beds can be positioned in a chair position enabling a better view out the window or of the tv, they can be used to exercise in bed, used with an overbed table to enable comfortable eating, drinking, reading and activities, and used to assist in getting up and out of bed independently, which is fantastic for pride and satisfaction.

Bedroom chairs need to be comfortable and supportive with soft, inviting fabrics or an attractive appearance to help encourage getting out of bed and mobilising.


Dining areas are a key place for residents to socialise, again, attractive rooms with safe, comfortable dining furniture encourage residents to dine away from their bedrooms, adding structure to their day and potential dining companions. Social interaction in an attractive space is good for happiness and inclusion, encouraging resident participation in more activities and socialising, whilst reducing anxiety, fear and loneliness.

Good furniture, feature packed beds and attractive design all contribute to resident wellbeing.


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