Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Types of Pressure Mattresses

There are a number of different pressure mattresses that have been manufactured specifically to relieve pain and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers in patients. The mattress that a patient will need will depend on their individual needs such as condition, weight and how much movement they are capable of. 

We explain below the differences between the three types of pressure mattresses that are most commonly used in care homes and hospitals, these are air mattresses, foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

Air Mattresses 

Air mattresses are often called alternating or dynamic mattresses. They use air-flow through individual tubes to redistribute pressure inside the mattress. A pump inflates and deflates these tubes to support the user while also providing pressure relief. This is done by constantly alternating tubes (hence dynamic) that inflate and deflate to reduce the risk of pressure sore formation at contact points.

The air flow can be adjusted to provide different amounts of pressure and it can also be set on a cycle over time to suit the individual user’s needs. By constantly changing the pressure in the air tubes, not only will an air mattress provide pressure relief, but it can also stimulate blood flow. 


Foam Mattresses

These pressure mattresses are very popular in care homes and hospitals due to the excellent pressure relieving properties of foam. Foam easily spreads the users weight over the mattress, making it safe and comfortable for patients at risk of back pain, joint pain and pressure sores.  

Many foam mattresses use castellated visco-elastic memory foam, the castellation allow for movement without compromising the pressure relief. Foam mattresses have improved over the years with the addition of memory foam layers, foam covers and different density of foams to suit an individual’s needs. However, due to the static nature of foam mattresses, the patient will need repositioning every few hours.


Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid, or combination, mattress uses foam and air to relieve pressure for patients. This can often involve the alternating air tubes fitting inside a foam casing. Hybrid mattresses offer an advanced form of pressure relief for the most at risk patients. 

They typically require a pump just like air mattresses, however new forms of hybrid mattresses are being manufactured that do not require any power and instead respond to the person’s body movements.

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