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Types of Care Home Chair

Types of Care Home Chairs

Seating is one of the most important considerations care homes need to make for their residents. As well as being practical to the environment they also need to be designed for the needs of residents, but they needn’t be drab affairs and there are many varieties and styles that will suit the theme of any nursing home.

Read on to go through the common types of chair that will enhance your care home.

Low Back Chairs

This style of chair is designed to support the lower back. The backrest is shallow and intended to flex slightly, whilst offer lower lumbar care.

Low back chairs are not intended for extended periods of sitting, or who can keep easily distribute their weight in the chair, therefore avoiding pressure sores.


Tub Chairs

Tub or bucket chairs are so called because of their semi-curved back and solid arms. This design makes them the perfect chair to sit, relax and cozy up to watching tv or reading a good book, whether this is at home or in a care home. If you are looking for low back or side chairs, our care home tub chair range has the solution for you, coming in a range of modern to classic designs.

Due to their versatility they can fit well in any care home room, from reception seating to the living room.

The upholstered seats are filled with soft foam providing excellent durability and comfort, and some of the chair cushions are detachable making them easier to clean and maintain.

High Back Chairs

One of the most effective chairs in your care home’s arsenal. Due to their taller back rest they offer greater support for the back, neck, head and shoulders. By utilising the proper posture support in the lumbar area provided by a high back chair you can expect your residents to be more alert, less stressed and focused, even when relaxing.

High back chairs are simply more comfortable than armchairs or rise recliners, offering ergonomic design for a more comfortable and relaxing approach to seating. Many high back chairs including our own Elite range are adjustable to suit all sizes, offering elevated levels of comfort.


Wingback Chair

Wing back chairs offer the same benefits as a standard high back chair but with an extra array of positives for your residents.

They help prevent further potential injuries to your residents by ensuring the head and neck are protected from strains in case they fancy a snooze or are in position for a long time. Anything that offers your residents more neck support will also have a positive impact on back and lumbar support as well. The padded wings also protect the head and offers little bit of privacy.

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