Therapeutic Mattress Benefits

What is a therapeutic mattress?

Therapeutic mattresses were originally created to be used in hospitals, however, over the years, this has branched out. You can now find these types of mattresses not only in hospitals and care homes but also in domestic settings.

What are the benefits?

A therapeutic mattress is often used to relieve backaches and muscle pains, offering additional support. This type of mattress is designed to distribute your body weight as the heavier parts will sink into the mattress. 

Hospital and care home patients often lay down for a substantial amount of time. If the patient is using a normal mattress, this can result in ulcers and pressure points which cause a lot of discomfort for patients. Using a therapeutic mattress will reduce these pressure points and relieve ulcers, allowing you to achieve a much deeper, uninterrupted sleep. If you struggle to sleep, tossing and turning all night, then this type of mattress is a great solution. 

Additionally, therapeutic mattresses can help encourage healing, this is done by reducing the pressure points, regulating temperature, allowing better circulation and preventing bedsores. Unlike normal mattresses, therapeutic mattresses offer proper back support and spinal alignment. This is done by adapting to your body curves, keeping your spine in line at all times, further encouraging comfort. 

Another benefit of these mattresses is they have the ability to absorb motion transfer between sleep partners. Therapeutic mattresses working in a way where each sleep partner is supported separately. This means you won't feel body motion transfer during the night or be aware if they get up during the night.

Renray therapeutic mattresses

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