Pressure Area Care Beds

What Is Pressure Area Care? 

Pressure area care (PAC) is the assessment and care undertaken to reduce the risk of a patient developing a pressure ulcer. A risk assessment is initially performed to determine how at risk a patient might be, and whether they will need any specialised equipment or care. 

What Is A Pressure Ulcer?

Pressure ulcers are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, primarily caused by prolonged pressure on the skin and often occur over bony prominences such as heels, sacrum, hips, elbows, shoulders and back of head. They can range from a Grade 1 pressure ulcer - part of the skin becoming discoloured – people with pale skin tend to get red patches, while people with dark skin tend to get purple or blue patches. Up to a Grade 4 pressure ulcer - a very deep wound that may reach the muscle and bone.


What Causes Pressure Ulcers and how to prevent it?

Pressure ulcers can happen to anyone. 

Sitting or lying for too long in one position, can lead to reduced blood supply to the skin or underlying tissue, therefore, regular movement of a patient will reduce this risk. 

As the result of shearing action, skin and muscles twist causing distortion of the blood vessels. This happens for example when sliding down, or, by being dragged up a bed or chair.

As a result of friction, occurring when two surfaces rub together, for example when the skin is scraped along a surface when moving.

Moisture can also lead to pressure ulcers, this is because wet skin is more likely to shear and be affected by friction. Therefore, training staff to use correct handling techniques and looking for signs of moisture will reduce the risk to patients when they are in care.

Ensuring a patient is eating a well-balanced diet and drinking enough water and fluids will also lower their risk of developing pressure ulcers.


Specialist Equipment

A further method to prevent pressure ulcers in patients involves specialist equipment. At Renray we have developed profiling beds and PAC mattresses that deliver excellent pressure redistributionto offer the best possible pressure area care. From our PAC mattress range we offer the Diamond Active Mattress,which uses layers of smaller cells to improve the surface for better pressure distribution and additionally give the user greater independent mobility. Another PAC mattress is the Elite Foam mattressfrom Renray which reduces interface pressure and conforms to body shape.

Furthermore, our Cloud 9 Rise Reclinerincorporates pressure relief pads into the seat to help those who sit down for long periods of time. We supply a number of other recliners that also include pressure relieving pads, such as the Horizon Rise Recliner.


Our Service

We work with the NHS and independent healthcare specialists to ensure that our profiling beds and mattresses offer the best pressure area care. We also supply equipment using our own fleet of vehicles and dedicated staff to ensure fast delivery and swift installation of our beds, mattresses and furniture. 

For more information on our PAC mattresses please call 01606 593 456, email or fill in the contact form and one of our team will be happy to help. You can even take a look at our various brochures online.

Quotations and samples

For a competitive quotation please contact our Sales Office on 01606 593456. one of our nationally based Area Sales Managers will be happy to arrange a meeting at a location of your choice to discuss your needs. 

Visit our showrooms

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