Thursday, November 26, 2020

What Is Dementia Care?

If someone close to you is consistently having trouble with essential tasks in their daily lives, then it might be the right moment to consider a form of long-term care. In the UK, services of this nature have been expanding for decades and innovative solutions are always being developed to help treat a rapidly ageing population for a variety of different health complications. 

One of the areas of care that has been growing significantly is assistance for patients living with dementia. Dementia care provides additional support for individuals who are no longer able to live independently due to their diagnosis. It aims to ensure that the care resident is able to maintain their psychological and physical well-being in a comfortable, safe environment.

How similar is Dementia Care to Nursing Home Care?

Many aspects of living assistance for dementia patients often get mixed up with regular nursing home care. Indeed, given approximately 80% of residential care residents live with dementia, it does overlap in areas such as:

  • Meal Services: Both will guarantee that residents are on a three-meal schedule.

  • Medication Distribution: Nurses will provide individuals with their medicine in either facility.

  • Prioritising Safety: Both will supply Care Home Furniture that is designed to support the resident and prevent the risk of injury

  • Quality of Life Improvements: Regardless of the type of care, residents receive tailored support to help them navigate their daily lives in comfort. They’ll also provide activities to help create a friendly, community-driven atmosphere.

However, there are additional key benefits to dementia care support, including:

  • Interior design features and Tailor-Made Dementia Furniture that can enhance safety and help residents to feel at ease.

  • Additional one-to-one care support to ensure that individuals are comfortable in the facility.

  • Quality of life improvements that are more specific to dementia patients. This often involves activities that help maintain life skills and support that aims to strengthen a sense of self-purpose.

  • Smaller unit facilities can also sometimes be a feature of dementia care in order to create a homelier feel.

Dementia Care Furniture at Renray Healthcare

As a supplier to the healthcare industry for over 50 years, Renray knows how to create a safe environment in any long-term care facility. In fact, we have a vast selection of Dementia Furniture that you can discover at your leisure. You can also read about Our Work in the Dementia Sector Here and, for a more extensive look at our products, you can always Download A Brochure

Alternatively, for any advice on our healthcare products, feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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