Thursday, July 29, 2021

Keeping Care Residents Cool in Hot Weather

When it’s too hot for too long, there can be significant health risks for the elderly and Care Residents. So, here are our tips for keeping cool in care homes during hot weather.

Why is hot weather an issue?

During a heatwave, the main issues that people can face, according to the NHS, are:

  • Dehydration (from not drinking enough water)

  • Overheating (which can cause a more serious issue for people who also suffer from heart or breathing problems)

  • Heat exhaustion

  • Heatstroke

For the elderly and those in care homes, there is a much greater risk of coming across one of the above issues. This is because older adults can’t adjust their bodies to high temperatures as effectively as younger people can and, as we age, dehydration is increasingly more likely. As a result, keeping cool during the summer and periods of warm weather becomes even more essential for care residents.

Tips for care home managers

Protecting skin health

For the most part, enjoying the sunny weather and some time outdoors can still have a significantly Positive Impact on Care Residents. So, one of the first ways you can protect elderly residents is to provide necessary skin protection products. These include sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as a moisturiser for all different types of skin in order to protect all of your most vulnerable residents.

Preventing heat exhaustion and heatstroke

There is a multitude of ways to protect care residents from the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, including many that link to reducing dehydration (see below). But, keeping indoor spaces in your care home cool during the day, offering plenty of shade when outdoors, and even closing curtains if the light is making some residents uncomfortable can all help significantly.

As a manager, you should also keep an eye on all residents to ensure that no one is developing signs of heat exhaustion, which you can read about here, and call the emergency services if someone has heatstroke.

Reducing Dehydration

One of the most common issues for all age groups during warm weather, but arguably one the easiest to treat, is dehydration. Care residents should aim to drink at least 6-8 glasses of liquid a day, potentially more if necessary, so ensure that access to these in your facility is as easy as possible. In addition, the Right Diet and Nutrition can also be vital in helping prevent dehydration in care homes. 

Keeping care residents comfortable

Even if none of these heat-related conditions emerge, it’s still incredibly important that elderly people feel comfortable when the weather is warm. Thus, ensuring care residents are Comfortable when Sleeping during Summer, offering cold food and drink, and even encouraging people to wear lightweight clothing can all improve hot weather conditions. 

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