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How To Install Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are very popular in care homes. They offer a more nuanced way of modulating sun light, offer greater privacy and the fabric design options are practically infinite.

Fitting Roman blinds in your care home couldn’t be easier!

How you fit them depends on the type of mount you have around your window.

You simply need to measure and mark where your fixings will be, attach the fixings with screws and the blinds will ‘snap’ into the bracket.

Where should you hang them?

The first step in learning how to install roman blinds is determining whether to position the made-to-measure blinds inside or outside the window recess. Although an interior placement seems attractive, make sure there is enough room for the top fittings. In addition to being excellent for windows with a small recess and where curtains won't be used, an outside location will make windows appear larger.

For obvious reasons, the procedures for each type of placement will differ. If at all possible, read the directions before hanging the Roman blinds because they can require additional measures. Keep the necessary equipment close at hand as well.

-          Ask the manufacturer whether there are any unique headings for the blinds. Most have Velcro-like headers that will cover 1-2 inches of the tops of the blinds; measure the fastening from that point to a few millimetres above the ledge.

-          For ventilation purposes, allow a few millimetres on either or both sides of the blinds. Otherwise, undesired condensation could form on the windows.

-          If you wish to keep light out of the room, position the blinds outside of the recess (i.e., in a dark room or a night nursery). Verify that the weight of the Roman blinds won't damage the window frame.

-          In the event that the window frame or windowsill is deep, place the blinds inside the recess.


Using an interior mount?

Using an interior mount to hang your roman blinds in your care home means attaching the fixing top ‘ceiling part of the window frame. On the other hand, an exterior mount attaches from the sides and ‘wall’ of the window frame.

-          Check the frame - Make sure the window frame's inside is level by using a level to check. In the event that the frame is unequal, attach a little shim to the ceiling.

-          Take the blinds out of their packing, but keep them bunched up as you check them against the frame. Hold them up to the inside of the window frame where you wish to hang them.

-          Mark the blinds - Using a carpenter's pencil, mark the brackets on the shades and the location of the Roman blinds on the window frame. About 3 inches should separate the brackets from the shade's sides. Set the blinds aside.

-          Install the brackets - Use the special screws provided to install the brackets. Before placing the brackets in place, you might need to align them with the edge of the window frame and make sure the screws match the holes in the brackets.

-          Install the roman blinds by snapping the brackets into position and securing them to the window frame with the blinds' tops pulled forward. By changing the sunglasses, check the fit (i.e., pulling on the cord or drawstring). When installing blinds in children's or vulnerable people's houses or rooms, the risk of accidents can be decreased by using a child safety lock-away wand.

Of course, it's crucial to make sure the placed Roman shades will both look attractive and function well.

Exterior Mount?

These tips carry over to an exterior mount but you should ensure 10-20cm allowance on all sides, so that everything is covered.

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