Monday, October 25, 2021

How To Audit Care Home Furniture

An audit is making sure that your care home is according to your policies, procedures, care plans and other related documentation. A furniture audit is a quality check to analyse the lifespan of patients’ furniture and assess its current condition. Renray Healthcare provides a fully comprehensive audit by reviewing all furniture such as bedside chairs, lockers, overbed tables, profiling beds and mattresses. This evaluation will help determine whether a refurbishment is required or not.

Furniture quality: Assessment for care homes to appraise their furniture.

There are high demands for care home furniture to be long-lasting, durable to maintain the stresses and pressures of everyday life. This is imperative in the healthcare industry. Renray’s research and development are meeting this need, providing innovative furniture and top furniture quality.  

What can you achieve with your existing furniture stock in a care home? Here is Renray’s checklist from their auditing service:

  • Chair height

  • Cushion

  • Furniture frame

  • Furniture fabric

  • Any damages

  • Prevention of infections

Everything checked in this audit is categorised into three sections. Mostly, a number of reasons lead to furniture failing. Renray Healthcare will provide a report of this information and have this readily available.

Why health and safety are important in care homes

Conducting risk assessments in care homes is vital in maintaining health and safety standards. It helps to identify hazards that are present that need solving and predict any upcoming hazards to prevent them from occurring. Care homes must exhibit that they’ve actioned everything to ensure the health and safety of their service users and manage any risks that may surface during care and treatment.

Effective planning for a refurbishment

In cases where furniture fails the audit service, what can you do? For furniture that is repairable, you can fix the damages to increase its current life expectancy. For the best options for replacing irreparable furniture, you can do the following:

  • Replace furniture to be in line with individual’s requirements and comfort

  • Ensure furniture are appropriately placed, yet accessible without being hazardous for patients

  • Furniture materials - provide better quality furniture, better fabrics etc.

  • Re-evaluate lighting, do some elderly require better lighting solutions?

  • Choose correct materials - are your cushions and fabrics heatproof?

Care home furniture should be sourced and carefully selected to meet different demands of residents and be ‘audit compliant’. Have a look at our range of furniture or download our brochures and replace that damaged furniture.

If you have any concerns regarding your furniture quality, please contact Renray’s auditing department at or call on 01606 593456. 

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