Wednesday, April 19, 2023

How Is Furniture Evolving For Care Homes?

Furniture for care homes is evolving to meet the changing needs of residents and care providers.

Here are some ways in which furniture is evolving for care homes:

  1. Increased functionality: Care home furniture is now being designed with more functionality to provide additional benefits for residents. For example, adjustable beds and chairs that can be reclined to a flat position to make transfers easier.
  2. Improved accessibility: Accessibility is a key consideration in care home furniture design. Furniture that is easy to use and accessible for residents with mobility issues is becoming increasingly popular. This includes features such as wider armrests, grab bars, and wheelchair-accessible designs.
  3. Infection control: Infection control is a critical consideration in care homes, and furniture is being designed to meet these needs. Antimicrobial materials and easy-to-clean surfaces are becoming more common in care home furniture.
  4. Homely design: Care homes are shifting towards a more homely environment, and furniture is being designed to reflect this. Designs that are more residential in appearance, such as upholstered seating and coffee tables, are being used to create a more familiar and comfortable atmosphere.
  5. Technology integration: Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of care home furniture design. Furniture is being designed to incorporate features such as charging ports for devices and integrated lighting controls.
  6. Sustainability: Sustainable furniture design is becoming more important in care homes. Manufacturers are creating furniture with environmentally-friendly materials, such as FSC-certified wood and recycled materials, to reduce the environmental impact of care home furniture.

Overall, care home furniture is evolving to meet the changing needs of residents and care providers. Furniture is being designed with increased functionality, improved accessibility, infection control, homely design, technology integration, and sustainability in mind.


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