Monday, May 30, 2022

How a Recliner Benefit Care Home Residents

Recliner chairs can serve an incredibly important purpose in your care home. They have capabilities standard care home furniture chairs don’t necessarily offer.

Recliners mainly help in the ease in which to sit down and stand up. Otherwise, residents may spend a lot of time in the same position in the same chair. Recliners offer a level of freedom not afforded by standard chairs.

Even worse than this is residents might resign themselves to staying in bed rather than moving to the lounge and more communal areas to sit. This has an impact on their wellbeing and mood. Looking at the right recliners can help maintain independence in the care home.

This is why we have put together a few key reasons why you should consider recliners in your care environment.

1)      Protect against injury and falls

More so than a normal care home chair, residents may require added support when getting up and down from a seat. This lack of support can lead to injury as muscle in the legs may be weakened and residents are unable to push themselves out of a chair.

Recliners can be positioned so that they almost lift the resident into a standing position, without the resident having to exert too much energy.

Our range of recliners have been designed to be electrically powered to provide a seamless movement from sitting to standing. All of this reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

2)      Better Posture

Reclining Chairs deliver support for resident’s posture. Residents in care homes are more like to develop poor posture if they sit for prolonged time periods in standard chairs.

The latest rise and recline chairs have adaptable cushioning that can be repositioned to aid posture support. These are designed to maintain good posture in residents over long periods of time. These cushions can help maintain a strong midline, mitigating against any slumping or slouching. Many recliners are also able to tilt which can take pressure off the back and allow it to straighten.

3)      Pressure Area Care

Whilst care home chairs such as wing back and tub chairs do offer added pressure support, recliners offer means to redistribute pressure. Sitting down for ages in elderly residents increases the risk of developing pressure sores on bony parts of the body.

Pressure area care is vital in any care environment and can be costly if not monitored. A tilted recliner redistributes weight so that pressure isn’t only exerted down through resident backs. This puts extra force through the bottom area which is an area of increased risk of pressure ulcers.

With a recliner this weight can be redistributed so that less stress is exacted on these areas, by spreading weight more equally along the back, reducing the risk of developing a pressure sore

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