Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Future of Care for Elderly People

Coronavirus has left an incredibly heavy toll on both care residents and staff in the sector. Indeed, the pandemic has resulted in many considerations on healthcare, including reassessments on what the future of support for elderly people could look like. Alongside the current situation, advancements in nursing home technology, as well as long-standing issues surrounding an ageing population, mean that the future of senior care is as relevant as ever.

So, what might this look like?

A Reversal in Planning & Faster Care Reform

For many Care Homes, A Year In Lockdown has highlighted that the industry was left underprepared for the effects and demands of a pandemic. This means one of the short-term changes in care for the elderly may need to be a boost in staffing, as well as a rethink in the financial support given to the Care Home Sector. Some believe that emergency funding will be needed in the wake of Covid-19 to ensure care for the elderly can stabilise and plan moving forward.

A Greater Willingness for Care

Looking further ahead, it’s expected that care for the elderly is likely to become more accepted by individuals needing support in their day-to-day lives. As the UK has an ageing population, and the types of care available diversify (see below), facilities for seniors will continue to be essential services. 

Moreover, attitudes around care homes have long-been shifting. Individuals recognise that such support provides an opportunity to age in a safe, comfortable and engaging place and that care for the elderly isn’t necessarily a step towards more intensive help.

Increased at-home support for the elderly

As life expectancies get longer and demand grows for elderly care, it’s likely the coming years will see further advancements in nursing home technology. Developments such as remote patient monitoring and increased capability of smart devices may emerge within this decade. Thus, care for the elderly may extend beyond facilities and into at-home support even more than at present, in order to meet these increases in demand.

Expanding Diverse Care

Following a trend already being observed in the healthcare industry, future care for the elderly is likely to continue to diversify to better meet the varying needs of senior individuals. Over the next few years, a great selection of residential care home and nursing homes offering different support is likely to emerge. Meanwhile, facilities will potentially adapt their layout and furniture to improve hygiene and comfort, especially for residents living with Dementia and Mental Health Support

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