Flip Top Table

Flip Top is a simple, elegantly designed over chair table.

Product description

Flip Top is a new innovative patented table design that has been created for the care industry to easily attach to chairs for the elderly.

Flip Top allows you to comfortably enjoy your favourite activities such as reading and crafts from the comfort of your own chair. The table is sturdy enough to allow you to eat a meal at your chair, it has a slight lip to stop items from slipping off. The best part of this table is that it can easily be pushed aside when you need to leave the chair, it also stores to the side of the chair to avoid any trip hazards and difficulties with storage.

Flip Top was specifically designed for the care industry and has been created with Dementia care in mind, however, this doesn’t stop it from being a useful item for crafter’s and the domestic home environment.


  • Adjustable over chair table
  • Attaches to wooden seating frame chairs (not metal frame)
  • Retracts to store at the side of chair
  • Positions directly in front of the chair
  • Solid Aluminium leg stand
  • High quality plastic table
  • Wipe clean surface
  • Easy storage
  • Size of tabletop 60cm L X 33cm W
  • Size of stand 70cm height



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