Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Choosing The Right Bedside Lockers

Like many healthcare set-ups, nurses job roles are becoming increasingly more demanding and healthcare professionals are looking at ways to reduce this by increasing efficiencies. Bedside lockers are just a small part of a bigger picture and in this post, we will look at how to choose the right bedside locker for your busy hospital ward.


Hospital wards see many patients, nurses and visitor pass through daily which is why your bedside lockers must be durable and last long-term. At times, nurses may have to move hospital bedside lockers, for example, if a patient is transferred to a different ward. In this scenario, it is useful for bedside lockers to have wheels for ease of transport but will need to be built well to ensure they do not break during transportation. 

Storage Spacehospital bedside locker

Storage space is a key feature for bedside lockers for both patients and nurses. Firstly, it’s extremely important to keep the ward floor clear from clutter as quite often nurses will need to interact with patients close to the bed. Failure to keep the floor clear can result in further injuries to members of staff and visitors.

Patients need a place to store their belongings, especially ones that are staying long-term. It helps them organise their space and can keep personal belongings close to them during their hospital stay, along with any valuables that can be locked away. 

Bedside lockers are also beneficial to nurses as they can be used to store patient’s medicine. Nurses can save time transporting medicine around as it can be locked away securely in a patient’s bedside locker. This allows nurses to allocate time to additional activities around the ward and also reduces interruption.


As we’ve already touched on in the above paragraph, security is an important feature of a bedside locker. Patients can have mobile phones, music players and personal belongings with them, knowing they will be stored safely throughout the day. Bedside lockers come with a range of locking mechanisms, such as suited locking and master keys. Secure bedside lockers can also store medication away from visitors and more importantly, children.

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