Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Guide to Challenging Environment Furniture

For over 50 years, Renray Healthcare has been supplying high-quality furniture to various sectors within the healthcare industry. So, this is our introductory guide to one of the most essential sectors within healthcare, challenging environment furniture:


What is Challenging Environment Furniture?

Products within our challenging environment range can be categorised as items that are suitable for meeting the needs of more vulnerable users. This means that furniture is designed for residents with learning and physical disabilities, as well as patients that require a secure or therapeutic setting. This range also characterised by extensive research and co-operation with the wider health care industry. As a result, challenging environment furniture is arguably designed around more specific requirements than other sectors.

Where is Challenging Environment Furniture needed?

Some of the most common areas and/or facilities that opt for challenging environment products include:

  • Mental Health Sectors, where it is utilised to create safer settings to nurture and encourage patient recovery. 

  • In Education, in order to create a more inclusive setting. 

  • Custodial Centres for both safety and security purposes.

  • Residential Settings in which the furniture needs to be personalised and tailored to positively impact the user’s daily life.

What are the common product features of Challenging Environment Furniture?

There are several key elements to the furniture within the challenging furniture sector. Indeed, whether it’s Bedroom Products, Sofas and Armchairs, or Dining Room Seating, these two factors are always emphasised:

  • Durability and Strength – products are fully reinforced, fitted with piano hinges, and can be weighted if necessary. 

  • Safe Design – zips, flaps and staples are often concealed, any draws are non-removable, edges are rounded, and many items are built with extensive fire-proofing measures.

How can Renray help?

Renray Healthcare has carefully designed challenging environment furniture products to suit all necessary settings and meet the needs of various patients. Inherently secure and robust, you can see our Full Range Here or Download Our Brochure more information. To ask us any questions, you can also Contact Us Here.

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