Carer Low Height Electric Profiling Bed

A cost effective solution to compliance, safety and care.
SKU: CAR2000

Product description

Cost Effective Profiling Bed Solution For Care

Profiling beds are a big investment for any care home. Ensuring your home is compliant with current bed standards and the gaps and clearances stipulated within those standards is important. The carer low profiling bed from Renray is designed to meet these standards and when used with Renray mattresses complies with IEC60601-2-52 without the need for extra height side rails.

With a unique height of 19.5cm, this profiling bed is designed to help the prevention of falls and injuries to clients. The simple to use variable height allows greater independent movement and transfers.

A unique approach

Designed using 4 years’ of research on anthropometric data based on the Adult Social Care Survey 2009-2012. Over 227,000 people were surveyed looking at their age, gender, height, weight and mobility, we can guarantee top quality. 

The findings from the survey showed:

• 175cm average height
• 80kg average weight
• Over 75% are over 64 years old
• 65% female
• 90% either cannot or have difficulty getting out of bed

Profiling Bed Enhanced comfort and support

• Enhanced shear and friction reduction
• Excellent postural support
• Better respiratory positioning
• Exceptional comfort

Simple and elegant design is in harmony with a care home setting

• Uniquely styled head and foot board design, enhancing patients’ visual field,reducing the “enclosed feeling” that some beds generate
• Rounded corners for safety
• Appropriate height to prevent injury from falls
• Stable four point design as dementia users tend to use the low profiling bed as a mobility aid

User friendly design

The height, contouring and tilt functions are electrically operated via the simple to use, lockable handset.

Infection Control

• Open bed design allows easy cleaning
• Powder coated frame is smooth and easy to wipe clean.

Easy maintenance

• Plug and play maintenance, all controls are easily accessible.
• Head and foot panels are removable by one person and easily replaced.

Product Data

Safe working load 180Kg (28 stone)
Maximum patient weight 150Kg (23 stone)
Tilt (head down) -10.5°

The Elite Mattress range and Squirrel dynamic mattress range are suitable for use with the Carer low height profiling bed.

For more information on our profiling beds visit our brochure downloads page, call us 01606 593 456 or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

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