Monday, December 17, 2018

What Are Bariatric Recliner Chairs?

What Does Bariatric Mean?

The term bariatric is used to describe the branch of medicine that deals with and treats obesity. Quality of life for bariatric patients can be greatly improved through the use of specialised furniture and support surfaces, such as bariatric recliner chairs.


What Makes Furniture Classified As Bariatric?

In terms of furniture, bariatric furniture relates to pieces such as recliner chairs, patient chairs, and mattresses that are suitable for heavier people. Bariatric furniture is usually designed to withstand a much heavier maximum weight, therefore they are more comfortable for overweight people than regular furniture. They also consider different issues that heavier people face, such as lower mobility, giving them a higher risk of developing pressure ulcers. This is why good bariatric furniture will have pressure management in place.


What Makes a Bariatric Recliner Chair?

Bariatric recliner chairs are ideal seating for patients with a limited movement due to the increased manoeuvrability of the chair, making it easier for the person to sit down or get up. Renray Bariatric Recliner Chairs come with three motors to provide maximum flexibility of the chairs movements. While the first two motors make the leg rest and backrest adjustable, the final motor enables the recliner to tilt in space for even easier movement when getting in and out of the chair. 


Renray bariatric recliners are built with a robust frame that can carry loads of up to 254kg and are available in 40 stone and 50 stone models. They are also fully cushioned for maximum comfort, these cushions are pressure-reducing seat cushions to help in the treatment and management of pressure ulcers with frequent monitoring and repositioning.


Whether at home or in a care home, our bariatric recliner chairs are the perfect solution for patients with limited movement, looking to improve the quality of life. If you are looking to sit back and relax whilst watching television or reading a magazine, our range of bariatric recliners will leave you completely satisfied.


Read our fabric guide to find out how to completely customise your bariatric recliner chairs with the various fabrics and finishes. Contact us for more information on the bariatric furniture we provide to care homes and hospitals.

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