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Saturday, October 1, 2022
Profiling beds are adjustable beds that can be raised, lowered, and tilted at various angles to support people with varying levels of mobility and comfort needs. These beds play a critical role in person-centred care, which is an approach to healthcare that places the individual's needs, preferences, and values at the centre of care. Here are some ways profiling beds can help with person-centred care: Improved comfort and safety: Profiling beds can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the person, including their height, weight, and mobility level. This can help ensure the person is comfortable and safe while in bed, which can help them rest better and reduce the risk of falls or injuries. Increased independence: Profiling beds

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Posted on 11 May

Benefits of Using Contract Furniture in Care Homes

Designing or refurbishing your care home is often an exciting time. Choosing wallpaper designs, accessorising your space with beautiful soft furnishings, artwork, pictures, vases and trinke ...Read More?

Posted on 22 May

Dementia Friendly Carpets

We work with leading contract carpet suppliers to provide the correct flooring for care homes. We ensure that we only work with those who follow our precise requirements in terms of offering dementia ...Read More?