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Tuesday, October 12, 2021
For the senior living, when they live in a care home - that is their home. The expectation for care homes is not only to be safe but a pleasant place to live. The elderly’s experiences in a care home should be homely, warm, filled with cosiness and compassionate care that fulfil their needs and rights.  Moving from the comfort of their home to a care home can be a challenge. It’s not easy leaving behind a home where they’ve spent many happy years, creating lifelong memories with their loved ones. At Renray Healthcare, we want to ensure that everyone's care home life is made easy and enjoyable with our furnishing products.  Having a care home bedroom styled and customised will have a positive impact on the e

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Posted on 28 Sep

What upholstery should I choose for my Care Home chairs?

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Posted on 15 Aug

COVID-19 and the future of Care Home Interior Design

Care Homes were badly affected by the covid-19 pandemic. One thing that has come out of it is a new way of looking at care home improvements. Where as hygiene and health have always been important fac ...Read More?