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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Bedside lockers are typically overlooked in hospitals, care homes, and other medical facilities. But they offer an excellent storage solution for many important patient items, and so require a high-quality, ergonomic design. Renray Healthcare understands this and subsequently supplies a popular range of bedside lockers that meet a variety of patient needs. Here’s a little bit more on the benefits you’ll see from choosing a product from Renray. Practicality  Our wide-array of bedside lockers all share this useful characteristic. It might sound broad, yet when medical furniture is genuinely practical you see significant advantages. All patient lockers are fitted with wheels, making them extremely manoeuvrable and easy to

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Monday, January 6, 2020
Selecting a Bariatric Recliner Chair The main factors that you should consider   If you require a durable seating solution that can comfortably support heavier people, then bariatric rec ...Read More?

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Posted on 22 Feb

How much does running your electric profiling bed cost?

Electric beds or Adjustable beds or profiling beds, whatever you call them, all plug into an electrical socket and cost you money. But how much money do they cost a year to the average healthcare faci ...Read More?

Posted on 22 Feb

Well-being of residents in their bedroom and beyond

Using good furniture to promote wellness Resident wellbeing is linked to their overall physical, mental, social, and emotional state and it is of paramount importance to care homes. Wellbeing must be ...Read More?