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Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Hundreds of thousands of, mostly, elderly people live with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Identifying this in a loved can be difficult as many conflate the signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, with typical age-related changes. But changes concerning age are usually infrequent and minor, meaning an elderly individual’s daily life won’t be impaired.  Indicators Of Alzheimer's  Alzheimer’s, meanwhile, will show itself as more severe than this. So, if you see any of the following 7 signs in a loved one, we advise that you take yourself or your loved one to your GP: 1: Memory Loss  This goes beyond simply losing things from time-to-time, or forgetting one monthly payment (both signs of age-r

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Posted on 22 Jul

5 Top Tips for Dementia Care Designs

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Posted on 30 Jun

The Importance of Well-Designed Corridors in Care Homes

At night, with the lights off we would all have a good crack at navigating our homes. We would know roughly where light switches were and where the creaky floorboards are. Entering a new care home ca ...Read More?