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Monday, January 10, 2022
An overbed or over chair table is a type of portable table that is placed over a user whilst they're sitting or lying down. The table's surface can then be used from a bed or a lounge chair. Thus, they are typically seen in care homes and hospitals to cater to resident and patient needs. However, due to their practical benefits, they may also be seen in a domestic environment. Their convenience Unlike bedside or coffee tables, this device rests over your chair or bed, so bending down and straining is reduced. This makes tasks such as reading, working, writing, eating or drinking more convenient for people who can't move easily. In a hospital, they can reduce the need for difficult transfers if your movement is limited after an operation

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Posted on 25 Oct

Designing for Dining

Designing for Dining We explore why the design of dining rooms and the products used in them is crucial to supporting people living with dementia. Over recent years we have explored best practise in ...Read More?

Posted on 24 Oct

How to put up Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are very popular in care homes. They offer a more nuanced way of modulating sun light, offer greater privacy and the fabric design options are practically infinite. Fitting Roman blinds ...Read More?