Monday, October 25, 2021

Building Better Care Homes For Adults

For the senior living, when they live in a care home - that is their home. The expectation for care homes is not only to be safe but a pleasant place to live. The elderly’s experiences in a care home should be homely, warm, filled with cosiness and compassionate care that fulfil their needs and rights. 

Moving from the comfort of their home to a care home can be a challenge. It’s not easy leaving behind a home where they’ve spent many happy years, creating lifelong memories with their loved ones. At Renray Healthcare, we want to ensure that everyone's care home life is made easy and enjoyable with our furnishing products. 

Having a care home bedroom styled and customised will have a positive impact on the elderly in care homes and for their families. It helps them feel calm, at home and be part of a loving environment. 

Proposals for a care home bedroom to become homelier

The decision of moving into a care home is not an easy decision for residents and comes with many changes. Adjusting to a new life, adapting to a new environment, meeting new people and getting used to routines and procedures is stressful for many. Here are five suggestions on ways to bring inclusion and help settle them in their new home:

Resident bedroom furniture

The resident bedroom furniture they have in their care home bedroom will have a profound effect on their well being and experiences in a care home. At Renray Healthcare, we manufacture quality bedroom furniture with unique designs, ranging from care home beds to bedside units. 

In order to help them feel relaxed, they can bring their own blanket, duvet and their own linen. Our designers can help them feel comfortable and incorporate everything they need in their room.


Lighting is very important especially for dementia patients and accommodating towards a friendly environment for them. Lighting is taken into consideration when designing bedrooms for residents, but looking at different lighting options is vital for dementia patients. 

Making furniture accessible and visible will help support those with affected eyesight and sensory impairment. That’s why having LED lighting is essential. 

Interior design

Renray offers an in-house interior design service and can provide support and guidance when it comes to cost-effective solutions and bespoke furniture designs. Here are some ideas on what to do with interior space and tailor it to individuals personal preferences:

  • Keep a simple layout

  • Flowers - adding personality and making them feel special

  • Colour - keep it subtle but evoke a sense of belonging

  • Fabric selection - texture, colour and design

  • Soft furnishings - patterned yet humble for a cosier feel

  • Flooring - adding a carpet or tiles: materials based as per choice

Life Treasures

Ultimately, we recommend having personalised items such as photo albums, other valuable assets such as jewellery, engraved gifts and items they’ve collected over the years. Owning these sentimental items and displaying them in their rooms will help increase comfort and develop a strong attachment in their new home.

Home environment

As already mentioned, moving into a care home is a big step for the older generation. Whilst it’s a challenge to replicate the cosiness, homelier feel to their new homes without their loved ones, making their rooms look with personable items and hoisting equipment that look less clinical will make a huge difference.

For patients that require hoisting equipment, there are types available that will blend into the current decor of the bedroom without sacrificing the homely feel. 

The hoist folds into the cabinet component at the head of the individual’s bed that allows transfers to and from the bed with ease. It also gives more storage space for medical gases and so, whilst maintaining the overall homely feel of the room. Patients are more likely to feel comfortable whilst these clinical items are neatly hidden away. 

Check out our range of bespoke furniture by Downloading a Brochure Today. For more information, you can contact us anytime.

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